Facial Fillers

Reduce deep wrinkles, and restore volume to lift and rejuvenate your face, smile lines, under-eyes, cheeks, tear troughs, and lips. Fillers are an easy, safe way to look younger and more rested with results that last.



Hyaluronic acid is a substance created by the body that provides elasticity and volume. Our skin naturally loses Hyaluronic Acid as we age. This loss leads to sagging skin, wrinkles, folds and a general decrease in volume.

Restylane is a synthetic hyaluronic acid gel that is formulated to act like the body’s own hyaluronic acid and smooth away wrinkles. Because Restylane is formulated based on the body’s own acid, it is perfectly biocompatible and is eventually broken down naturally within the body. Best of all, Restylane can provide stunning results after a single visit to our Beverly Hills office, which generally lasts less than an hour.

Restylane can add fullness and volume to skin of the face and correct many problem areas with folds, wrinkles and fine lines. In Asian nonsurgical rhinoplasty and Korean nonsurgical rhinoplasty it can also be used to reshape the nose and provide dorsal augmentation. Restylane is commonly used to add volume to the corners of the mouth (the nasolabial folds) and fine lines around the nose, and eliminate bags and tear troughs under the eyes. Restylane can also be used to create full and natural-looking lips. In fact, Restylane is the first and only FDA-approved dermal filler for lip augmentation.

The Restylane Regimen is a treatment consisting of an initial treatment and a follow up between 4 and 9 months afterwards. Most patients (more than 95%) who follow the Restylane Regimen see results lasting up to 18 months.

The procedure is non-surgical and very easily tolerated by most patients. A Restylane treatment consists of a single series of injections to the specific areas of concern on the face. While the treatment is commonly done without any painkiller, patients with sensitive skin or and those with a low threshold for pain can request painkiller. Restylane can actually be purchased as a mixture with lidocane, which provides a level of pain relief while remaining equally effective. This mixture is FDA approved and is popular because it eliminates the need for a series of painkiller shots prior to treatment.

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Radiesse is a volumizing cosmetic dermal filler that replenishes lost volume in the face and body due to the degradation of collagen. The treatment is biocompatible, non-toxic and non-allerginic. Radiesse is composed of small calcium-based microspheres suspended in a gel and water-based mixture. Radiesse is a popular alternative to facial plastic surgery and is used to treat the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin folds around the nose and mouth. Radiesse can even fill and reduce the appearance of certain types of scars.

Radiesse stimulates the body’s own collagen production and can lead to lasting results. Results are visible immediately after the injection and patients will be able to clearly see the signs of aging fade. Swelling or bruising is generally minimal and usually subsides within a span of 24-36 hours.

Radiesse is injected beneath the upper layers of skin simply, safely and quickly – in an hour or less. Radiesse treatments can often be completed in as little as 15-30 minutes in our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office. There is little to no downtime associated with the procedure and patients may resume their normal activities immediately after their office visit. Radiesse treatments are well tolerated, but patients who are sensitive or worry about a low threshold for pain can ask for a Radiesse and anesthetic lidocaine mixture – a combination that has been FDA approved – to reduce sensation and relieve any discomfort.

Radiesse comes in a variety of quantities to treat the specific areas of concern; this means that little is wasted, making Radiesse a very cost effective treatment. Patients have reported the effects of Radiesse to last a year or more. The procedure can provide an 80% improvement after only one visit. Patients often return after a year or so for small touch ups, but many do not need full treatments again due to the long lasting effects.

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JUVÉDERM® is a smooth gel filler (also called a dermal filler) that is used to instantly and non-surgically smooth away wrinkles and facial folds around the nose and mouth. A JUVÉDERM® treatment can be administered in our Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery office in as little as 15 minutes. After a single treatment patients will attain natural-looking results that can last as long as a full year.

JUVÉDERM® can address problems such as smile lines, lip lines, as well as other fine lines and wrinkles and restore a more natural skin contour. It is the filler Dr. Yoo prefers to use for lip augmentation because it provides such a smooth, natural result. JUVÉDERM® can safely be used in many areas of the face to add volume to areas that have naturally lost hyaluronic acid and collagen caused by aging and environmental stressors.

JUVÉDERM® is believed to be the smoothest dermal filler available and can have profound effects after just one short treatment. The procedure can generally be done in an hour or less, but patients often see effects that last up to a year. Dr. Yoo will use JUVÉDERM® after discussing your particular areas of concern to provide a tailored treatment that will meet your specific needs and offer long lasting results.

JUVÉDERM® treatments are usually well tolerated, but patients with sensitive skin or low pain tolerance can request a mixture of JUVÉDERM® and lidocane that will ease discomfort while still achieving magnificent results. JUVÉDERM® XC is a mixture of lidocane and JUVÉDERM® that is perfectly balanced to offer the cosmetic benefits of JUVÉDERM® while offering the pain relieving benefits of lidocane.

Perhaps because of the unique manufacturing process, JUVÉDERM® is often considered the smoothest hyaluronic acid filler available. Even patients who have received JUVÉDERM® treatments in the past may notice that the newer JUVÉDERM® formulations are more comfortable than in the past


JUVÉDERM® is the first FDA approved dermal filler that does not come with the high risk of hyperpigmentation.

Revolutionary Needle-less Injection Technique

Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Donald B. Yoo, performs non-surgical rhinoplasty, liquid facelifts, non-invasive eyelifts, lip augmentation and dermal fillers with the use of the most advanced needle-less injection technique. Dr. Yoo is on the leading edge of plastic surgeons revolutionizing this technique.

Traditionally dermal fillers were injected with multiple pricks from a sharp needle. In addition to causing undue discomfort for the patient the sharp needles often cause tissue damage, resulting in bruises and swelling that lasts for days. With the new blunt-tip cannula, even delicate areas such as around the eyes can be injected with dermal fillers safely, with improved results. The blunt cannula glides through tissue, finding natural tissue planes, instead of causing trauma by simply cutting through tissue and blood vessels like a needle does.

The needle-less, blunt cannula injection technique improves safety while decreasing bruising and swelling. Patients can now enjoy the ease and convenience of dermal fillers, with increased comfort and less downtime.


Perlane is a member of the Restylane product line. It is an injectable cosmetic dermal filler that can add volume and fullness to skin and to correct folds, wrinkles, and fine lines. Perlane is used to decrease lines around the mouth and nose, correct hollows under the eyes, soften acne scars and refine the lips. It is also used as a dermal filler for both chin and lip augmentation and is suitable for both men and women.

Perlane is a clear gel formulation of hyaluronic acid from non-animal sources that is specifically made to add volume in a way that mimics the body’s own hyaluronic acid. This gel is administered via syringe to fill scars, lines and wrinkles and replenish the body’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid that is depleted with age. Because the gel is constructed with gel particles that are much larger than other dermal fillers, the effects of Perlane have a very slow onset and last for a long time – up to a year or more in some patients. Treatments can be done in our Beverly Hills plastic surgery office in as little as 30 minutes and there is no down time.

One of the primary differences between Perlane and Restylane involves the size of the gel particles – they are larger in Perlane and smaller in Restylane. Perlane’s larger particles make it a more effective for treatments requiring deep injection below the skin. Perlane can be a better treatment for people with thicker skin and deeper wrinkles. Perlane is not a permanent product. A single treatment will remain with most patients for an average of 6-8 months before it is broken down by the body’s natural maintenance system. Perlane is non-toxic and non-allergenic, and patients can have touch ups or full treatments as often as every 4 months, however, most regular patients come once a year to renew their results.